Crowe professional sets out to work in a different city around the world each week

Crowe Recruiting
| 12/11/2017
Savail headshot

Savail Majid (Indianapolis) has always considered himself a nomad. "My love of travel started at a young age when I moved from my birthplace of Pakistan to the United States," said Savail, a senior staff member in Applied Technology. "Since then, I lived in a variety of places including Washington D.C., Chicago, New York, Tokyo, Singapore and England and love exploring new cities and cultures." When Crowe introduced its Where to Work mobility policy last year, Savail approached AT Managing Partner Mark Strawmyer (Indianapolis) and his then career coach about the possibility of combining work with his desire to see more of the world. "We talked about his desire to travel and work within the context of the firm's Where to Work strategy," said Mark. "We agreed that because he was serving in an internal-facing role and as long as it didn't conflict with what his role as a senior quality assurance analyst requires, we would support his endeavors."

Initially, Savail had planned to work in a new city each month but ended up travelling every weekend instead. Savail typically leaves for his next destination on Thursday evening, working Friday and then exploring his new location on the weekend. "Footing the bill myself, I started my journey in January and have been to Cuba, Mexico, Pakistan, Dubai, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, England and Ireland as well as all over the U.S.," said Savail. "At times it's been mentally and physically draining and overseas travel is especially challenging with the time change, so for the short trips I've been trying to visit places in the eastern time zones." Whenever possible, Savail tries to visit a Crowe office. "It has been great to meet so many of our people, particularly in our international offices and to experience so many different cultures," he said. "It's also taught me to stop and enjoy life, especially the little moments. I have a much more peaceful outlook on life and have learned a lot about myself."

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