Crowe lifers share why they’ve stayed at Crowe for so long.

Crowe Recruiting
| 1/28/2015

Crowe has several leaders who have spent their entire career at the firm, so we asked a few of these “Crowe lifers” to share what has and hasn’t changed over the years and why they’ve chosen to stay:

  • Rich Kloch (Los Angeles), Risk Consulting partner, joined in 1996 from John Carroll University
    • What’s changed: “The size – when I joined Crowe, it was a ‘Midwest firm’ with less than 700 people and now I’m in a thriving business unit with more than 700 people alone.” 
    • What’s stayed the same: “Our values - Many times you see companies lose their way with growth but Crowe has made this a foundation of our growth plans. I’m proud that we’ve maintained the core values I learned while interviewing here as we’ve increased in size.” 

  • Jodi Kippe (Fort Lauderdale), Audit partner, joined in 1985 from Central Michigan University
    • What’s changed: “The increased investment in innovation – our emphasis on new product development and the creation of the innovation task force offer a support network, processes and investments by the partnership for everyone to participate.” 
    • What’s stayed the same: “Our WIN3 management philosophy – we continue to define our success through having an understanding and making decisions based on the balanced benefit of individuals, clients and the firm.”

  • Stephen Bedell (Columbus), Tax partner, joined in 1996 from the University of Dayton
    • What’s changed: “Expanded services – as a result of growth, we continue to offer more services and have the resources to support them. It’s a great feeling to know that when clients or prospects have opportunities for us or a need for specialized knowledge, we likely have someone, somewhere in the firm, who can help them.” 
    • What’s stayed the same: “Opportunities and challenges – whether it be specializing a skill set, focusing on an industry, creating a new product or moving to a new office location, there are numerous opportunities for individuals to take on new challenges to develop themselves and their careers.” 

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