Crowe history is made with the election of our new Executive Committee chair

Crowe Recruiting
| 6/20/2016
Wendy cama headshot(1)
This month, Audit Partner Wendy Cama (New York) was elected as the new chair of Crowe’s Executive Committee. Wendy is the first woman to lead this group, which acts as the board of directors for the firm. “It is a privilege and an honor to represent my partners both internally and to the general public we serve,” said Wendy. “I recognize it’s also my responsibility and obligation to serve in a way that provides women with a role model and inspires them to reach for goals that may be beyond what they may have imagined possible. Men and women alike have paved the way for my success and I hope that my role will encourage others in the accounting profession to continue the journey and see where it can take them.” Read more about Wendy and her historic new role in the news release issued last week. Wendy succeeds Mike Percy (Fort Lauderdale) as Executive Committee chair, who has been serving on the committee for the past seven years including the past three as its chair.

Crowe's Executive Committee is responsible for approving the strategic direction of the firm and top-level governance. It approves long-range strategies, business plans, performance goals and major transactions that could significantly affect the firm's business and partners. Its authority includes firm management and structure, election of the CEO, approval of the firm's capital policies, adjustments in the firm's allocation of income to partners and general oversight of partnership operations. The CEO's recommendations for appointment of officers, Management Committee members and other key leaders are subject to approval by the Executive Committee as well. For more about opportunities at Crowe, visit our Careers page.