Crowe celebrates its President's Volunteer Service Award winners during National Volunteer Week

Crowe Recruiting
| 4/17/2015

This week marks National Volunteer Week, which is about inspiring, recognizing and encouraging people to share their time, talents and skills within the community and help make a difference. This year, for the first time, Crowe recognized 29 Crowe individuals with the President's Volunteer Service Award (PVSA). The PVSA recognizes individuals who have documented more than 100 hours of community service in a 12-month time frame. The award includes a personalized certificate, medallion and congratulatory letter from the President of the United States. Congratulations to Crowe's inaugural award recipients! 

  • Ira Anderson (Lakeland)
  • Courtney Bennett (South Bend)
  • TJ Brecht (Elkhart)
  • Pubbens Clermont (Fort Lauderdale)
  • Linda Deaton (South Bend)
  • Amy Dermody (South Bend)
  • John Farrell (South Bend)
  • Kelli Foley (South Bend)
  • Katie Gallagher (South Bend)
  • Rhonda Huismann (Grand Rapids)
  • Sharon Jones (South Bend)
  • Alan Kahn (Los Angeles)
  • Warren Kashiwagi (Sacramento)
  • Bill Knibloe (Fort Lauderdale)
  • Lisa Kreager (Grand Rapids)
  • Chuck Laetch (Fort Lauderdale)
  • Sheri Miller (Oak Brook)
  • Randall Miloszewski (South Bend)
  • Thomas Murphy (South Bend)
  • Stephen Pajakowski (South Bend)
  • Cindi Pierce (Chicago)
  • Jim Powers (Indianapolis)
  • Sid Sherwood (Elkart)
  • Bob Staszewski (South Bend)
  • Tina Treis (Sacramento)
  • Mark Walkotten (Grand Rapids)
  • Ken Wills (Nashville)
  • Barry Wilson (Nashville)
  • Jon Zeiler (Oak Brook)

For more about the firm's giving efforts, visit the Crowe Foundation page on the Crowe website where you can download the FY14 community investment report.