Congratulations to this year's PeopleMetrics brand ambassador winners

Crowe Recruiting
| 7/22/2015
PeopleMetrics, our client engagement survey administrator, announced its 2015 brand ambassadors. Congratulations to Partner Brian Hecker (New York) and Manager Michael Earles (Nashville) on representing Crowe on this year's list. Each year, PeopleMetrics goes through its client base and identifies the top-performing companies that received the highest percentage of recognize alerts from client engagement surveys (we receive recognize alerts at Crowe when our clients acknowledge our engagement team members for their exceptional service through the engagement survey). Then, from within that list of top companies, PeopleMetrics chooses the individuals who received the most recognize alerts to be named brand ambassadors. Brian and Michael are the Crowe partner and non-partner with the most recognize alerts last year. As PeopleMetrics notes, brand ambassadors like Brian and Michael share three common traits – focusing on people, building relationships and creating habits around client service satisfaction – all of which can be seen in the amount of client recognition they generate. Read more about the brand ambassadors announcement on PeopleMetrics' blog.

This marks the fifth consecutive year Crowe has been recognized by PeopleMetrics as one of the top-performing companies among its client base, thanks to the efforts of everyone across the firm.

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