Congratulations to our newly elected directors

Crowe Recruiting
| 8/6/2015

Crowe elected 27 new directors, effective August 1. Congratulations to the following individuals on reaching this career milestone:

Advisory Services:
  • Eric Ference (Chicago)
  • Applied Technology:
  • Raju Iyer (Off-site)

  • Jennifer Aras (Sacramento)
  • Stephanie Cerney (South Bend) 
  • John Dvorak (Oak Brook)
  • Staci Guajardo (Oak Brook) 
  • Jason Whitmer (South Bend)
  • Lisa Yang (Tampa)

Firm Risk Management:
  • Julie Collins (Oak Brook)
  • Information Services:
  • Pat Powers (South Bend) 
  • Rex Voorheis (South Bend)

People Services:
  • Lisa Roen (Oak Brook)
  • Performance Consulting: 
  • Marty Priller (South Bend) 
  • Chris Sifter (Chicago) 
  • Rao Vrudhula (Grand Rapids)

Risk Consulting:
  • Ray Cheung (San Francisco) 
  • Dori Couvreur (Grand Rapids)
  • Marc Dominus (Dallas)
  • Jim Hannan (Chicago)
  • Rod Smith (New York)
  • Colette Wagner (Oak Brook)
  • Rebecca Welker (Off-site)

  • Randall Cathell (Fort Lauderdale)
  • Bryan Clevenger (Indianapolis)
  • AJ Schiavone (Columbus)
  • Brent Smith (Louisville)
  • Michael Stenftenagel (Off-site)

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