Matching donation results: Crowe people and the firm donate $16,800 toward the Red Cross disaster relief fund

Crowe Recruiting
| 9/23/2016
American Red Cross iamge
In line with our values of We Care and We Share, Crowe established a matching donation campaign earlier this month in the aftermath of the recent Louisiana floods, Indiana and Ohio tornadoes and California wildfires. The firm committed to match donations made to the American Red Cross disaster relief fund through September 15. Crowe people responded by donating $8,400 to the Red Cross. With the firm match, Crowe people and the firm will donate a total of $16,800 to support disaster relief efforts. Thank you to everyone who demonstrated their generosity by donating to the campaign.

These natural disasters hit close to home, impacting areas where we have offices, off-site people or clients. Beyond the matching donation program, Crowe individuals demonstrated our values by helping those impacted in these areas. For example, in Louisiana, Tony Allison (Audit/SB), Daphne Maingot (Audit/FL) and Mike Perry (Audit/FL) sent gift cards to some of Crowe’s retail dealer clients whose employees have been impacted by the flooding. On behalf of Crowe, Tony also coordinated a contribution to the Baton Rouge Area Foundation and Stuart Miller (Audit/CH) coordinated a donation to Provident Resources to aid in relief efforts for the Louisiana flooding, which is now the worst natural disaster to strike the United States since Hurricane Sandy four years ago. Visit the Crowe Foundation page for more about our corporate social responsibility efforts.