Goodbye and best wishes to our 2017 summer interns

Crowe Recruiting
| 8/15/2017
Intern goodbye 2017

After a fun and challenging summer, it's time to say goodbye to our more than 260 summer interns. In addition to their client work and career development sessions, here are some of their summer highlights:

  • Interns and Crowe volunteers participated in the Crowe Serves day of service in July. More than 430 volunteers spent an estimated 2,100 hours helping various local not-for-profits and participating in a wide range of activities. They built homes for families, tutored children, served and packed food for food banks and shelters and helped with landscaping and clean-up efforts at local parks.
  • To promote innovation, interns were encouraged to submit their ideas for improving the firm or better serving clients. Firm leaders voted on the quality of the ideas, and the teams that submitted the top three ideas received gift cards.
  • We celebrated Summer University Spirit Day to connect with the interns and show school pride across our offices.

“The most enjoyable aspect of this internship was the depth of knowledge and expertise I was able to gather working alongside other team members,” said Katelyn Price (Indianapolis), a first-time intern this summer. “I felt valued and was able to contribute beyond what the stereotypical role of an ‘intern’ could include. Plus, given the flexibility of Crowe, I was able to intern full time while continuing to pursue my master’s degree.”

Thanks to all of our interns' career coaches and peer liaisons and our school relationship managers for their added support throughout the summer. Our interns will now serve as ambassadors when they return to campus, sharing their experiences with fellow students and faculty. Our internship program continues to see a high conversion rate, with approximately 90 percent of interns accepting full-time offers. Click here for more about our internship program.