More than 500 individuals gathered for the Performance Consulting and Applied Technology Training Blitz.

Crowe Recruiting
| 11/2/2017
Last month, more than 500 individuals took part in the Performance Consulting and Applied Technology (AT) Training Blitz in Indianapolis, which focused on the theme “NEXT: the only certainty is uncertainty.” The three-day event provided opportunities for individuals across Performance Consulting and AT to enhance their Deep Specialization through sessions focused on industry, technical and professional knowledge and skills. Additionally, they connected through networking and team-building activities. Below are some highlights:
  • Performance Consulting Managing Partner Josh Cole (Grand Rapids) kicked off the blitz with an inspiring message around the event’s theme.
  • Participants were introduced to “Blue Sky” thinking, which encourages creative ideas that are not limited by current thinking or beliefs. Inspired by this theme, these five individuals delivered presentations related to today’s current thinking and impact to the future.
    • Onur Karabulut (Grand Rapids) – “Think Progress. Think Simplicity”
    • Sarah McFetridge (Indianapolis) – “My Public Affair”
    • Cole McKenna (Nashville) – “Emotional Knights, Empathetic Brainiacs and the Real Heroes” 
    • Trent Teister (Chicago) – “How a Simple Digital Ledger is About to Change the World”
    • Chris Wood (Indianapolis) – “How Machines Make Us More Human”
  • AT and Performance Consulting members participated in the BU team-building “Human Bingo” event.
  • Second City (Chicago) led experiential core training sessions on presentation delivery, constructive empathetic dialogue and innovation and creative thinking. 
  • Each BU/DU had its own social outings, with activities ranging from scavenger hunts to wine tastings.

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