Camron Momeni drives innovation at Crowe!

Camron discovers a new solution for a previously untapped market.

Crowe Recruiting
| 6/17/2019
Camron Momeni

For Camron Momeni (Chicago), becoming an innovator happened by accident. Originally hired as a Tax compliance manager, Camron spent time during his first few weeks at Crowe helping another manager on the C-TRAC solution. “Soon after, that manager left and I was asked to become the point person to guide the solution through its rollover period,” said Camron. Today, Camron is a Tax technology senior manager and a leader on many Crowe tax products, including repurposing existing Crowe technology to develop Crowe Alternative Investment Module (AIM) for Insurance. AIM is a tool that helps companies aggregate large alternative investment portfolios for tax compliance and risk reduction purposes. “Crowe’s first AIM solution was geared toward tax-exempt entities and, at the time, I had no idea that corporate entities could have alternative investment portfolios. Once I realized they could, I, along with Mark Sandor (Oak Brook), began exploring the market opportunity,” explained Camron. “I realized that with a few quick changes to AIM for tax-exempt entities, we could generalize the tool to appeal to all entity types quickly and easily.”


Camron and Mark attended an industry conference where they confirmed the lack of similar solutions in the market and were able to quickly take Crowe AIM for Insurance to market in July 2018. For his efforts, Camron was recognized at this year’s Crowe Innovation Awards. Camron advises others wanting to get involved in innovation to be persistent. “It’s taken nearly two years investing in Crowe AIM for Insurance to get to where we are today,” he said. “By being persistent, we’ve built a significant pipeline and gotten some of the biggest names in insurance talking about Crowe.”