Bringing our brand to life: Kristen Jurkynas makes smart decisions that create lasting value

Crowe Recruiting
| 4/5/2017
Kristen Jurkynas photo
A manager in Audit, Kristen Jurkynas (Chicago) works with not-for-profit organizations, such as foundations, associations and cultural organizations, as well as private higher-education clients. In addition to delivering exceptional client service to her clients, one of the ways she brings our brand to life is through volunteering in the community. Kristen volunteers with the Glass Slipper Project, an organization that helps young women in need of financial assistance attend their proms. Dresses, jewelry and accessories are distributed at “boutiques” where students receive individual assistance from volunteer personal shoppers. By volunteering at Glass Slipper Project boutiques and serving on the organization’s board as treasurer, Kristen is not only helping a good cause but also raising Crowe’s visibility within the community.

Q: How do you make smart decisions?
A: In my position at Crowe, I have the opportunity to work with many not-for-profit organizations in and around the Chicagoland area. However, that work is most often from a compliance perspective. By serving on the board and volunteering with the Glass Slipper Project, I’m able to get involved from the community service side, which allows me to not only share my skills learned at Crowe but also to experience things from the clients’ perspective.

Q: How are those decisions creating lasting value?
A: I have deeper client connections and stronger relationships with my clients now because I have first-hand knowledge of what they are facing. In fact, after volunteering with the Glass Slipper Project, I was able to share some best practices with one of my foundation clients, which helped the foundation to operate more efficiently despite being a “small shop” finance department. By bringing best practices and sharing my observations through volunteering, I can increase client satisfaction, which will help maintain a long and successful relationship with Crowe. I also continue to strengthen my Deep Specialization in the non-profit industry, allowing me to bring a well-rounded perspective to all of my clients, creating value from all sides – not just audit.

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