Avoid holiday headaches while traveling – follow these tips from Crowe road warriors

Crowe Recruiting
| 12/18/2015

The McAllisters from Home Alone can tell you, traveling can be hectic – especially during the holidays. Hopefully you won’t forget your child at home like they did, but there’s a good chance you’ll have to deal with crowded airports, weather delays, lost luggage and other travel headaches. To help make your trips as seamless as possible, now and year round, – here are tips from Crowe’s road warriors who spend more than 30 percent of their workdays traveling.

  • “Try not to travel on Friday evenings because you have a high chance of getting delayed, especially in the winter.” Stephanie Ballard (Indianapolis)
  • “Always carry on your luggage. - When you travel all of the time, carrying on is by far the best option to avoid bag issues or delays. If you must check a bag, be sure to leave out your toiletries and one extra outfit. This reduces stress if your flight is canceled or your bags are delayed and you can’t retrieve your belongings right away. ” Nicole Brammer (Dallas)
  • “Use your smart phone to take a photo of where you parked your car and if a rental, the color and model of your car so you can find it upon return.” Gregg Anderson (Oak Brook)
  • “Use the Waze app, when driving. It keeps you informed on road conditions and weather radar.” Tom Andrews (Atlanta)
  • “Get TSA pre check. It’s a life saver to quickly move through security lines. I recommend it to everyone almost as soon as they start traveling.” Ben Brockman (Chicago)

We hope these tips make your time on the road or in the air more enjoyable! For more about Crowe and our culture, visit our Careers pages.