Asian PRN members network, develop new skills and "power up" for success at the Ascend conference

Crowe Recruiting
| 9/7/2017
Asian PRN conference

Last month, 25 members of our Asian People Resource Network (PRN) participated in the Ascend National Convention & Career Fair in Houston, Texas, including six first-time attendees. Ascend is the largest, non-profit Pan-Asian organization for business professionals, executives and students in North America. Under the theme “Power Up,” the more than 2,200 attendees at this year’s event networked, learned about the latest tools and technologies and participated in breakout sessions on how they can “power up” their careers to achieve professional and personal goals. Here are some highlights of Crowe’s participation at the conference:

  • With support from our Asian PRN, Crowe again served as a conference sponsor and hosted a career fair booth
  • Retired Crowe partner Warren Kashiwagi received the President PhD Award, which recognizes an Ascend member who has made meaningful impact in his or her profession and demonstrated outstanding leadership, example and vision. Warren served as partner-in-charge of Crowe's Northern California Tax practice before retiring this spring after more than 40 years working in public accounting.
  • Ray Cheung (San Francisco) and Richard Seo (New York), our Asian PRN lead, instructed “Doctor’s Offices” sessions. These were private meetings of 10-12 mid-level professionals providing insight and advice on overcoming challenges as well as actionable tips for professional success.
  • Christopher Wilkinson (Dallas) led a CPE session titled "Cybersecurity," which provided real-world examples of how hackers breach organizations in today's cybersecurity landscape.

“I enjoyed the opportunity to network – learning about the work that others do outside of Crowe as well as connecting with Crowe team members from other business units,” shared first-time conference attendee Amar Gandhi (Chicago). “A key takeaway for me was a reminder of the importance of empathy in the workplace, especially in the client service industry. I believe individuals’ experiences and beliefs influence their behavior within their job so our ability to appreciate and respect these experiences and beliefs, for our clients and colleagues, will help us work together in a more productive and effective manner.”

In addition to our Asian PRN, Crowe has African-American, Asian, Latino and Gay and Lesbian Allies PRNs. Each PRN team is open to all personnel at Crowe and provides a forum for networking and support in order to promote inclusion and mutualism within the firm. For more about inclusion at Crowe, visit our Diversity and Inclusion page.