2017 ALPFA national convention

Crowe Recruiting
| 8/24/2017
Latino PRN conference
In August, 16 members of our Latino People Resource Network (PRN) participated in the Association of Latino Professionals For America’s (ALPFA) National Convention in Las Vegas, Nev. More than 3,000 professionals and students attended the event. Participants enjoyed professional workshops on both technical and soft-skill development and networking activities including a masquerade ball reception and Women @ ALPFA’s 15-year anniversary celebration. During the convention, Melinda Haag (Oak Brook) presented a CPE session titled “Understanding and working with millennials,” and Crowe hosted a career fair booth with help from Talent Acquisition team members Gracie Tijerina (Oak Brook) and Regan Nitti (Oak Brook). “My favorite component was talking to students,” shared first-time conference attendee and PRN co-lead Joaquín Solé (Miami). “Students’ eagerness and drive serves as a reminder that even though we might be in different places in life and in our careers, we should always strive to do and be better at whatever we put in our sights.” For Beby Rojas (Fort Lauderdale), another first-time attendee and Latino PRN member, the professional sessions made an impression. “I learned more about negotiating methods, how to build leadership skills and how to discuss the Crowe brand,” said Beby. “I met so many great professionals that I’m hoping could develop into new client opportunities.”

In addition to our Latino PRN, Crowe has African-American, Asian and Gay and Lesbian Allies PRNs. Each PRN team is open to all personnel at Crowe and provides a forum for networking and support in order to promote inclusion and mutualism within the firm. For more about inclusion at Crowe, visit our Diversity and Inclusion page.