Nearly 900 Risk Consulting professionals and clients from around the world gather at the Risk Consulting Summit in Dallas.

Crowe Recruiting
| 5/2/2018
Nearly 900 attendees, including Risk Consulting professionals, guests from Crowe International member firms, clients and business partners, took part in the week-long Risk Consulting Summit in Dallas, Texas in April. The event included nearly 200 highly interactive sessions that spanned technical specialties and industry-focused emerging topics and focused on immediate application of skills and information. Additionally, this year's summit included a greater focus on innovation by adding the Blue Sky Innovation Lab. Risk professionals collaborated with each other and with clients and vendor partners in various sessions in the lab, brainstorming solutions around advanced data science, blockchain and other emerging trends. The Blue Sky lab generated more than 500 ideas around 14 topics during the summit, some of which will be further explored for possible New Product Development funding. "Risk Consulting has found its greatest success in developing new solutions when we work directly with our clients to identify the opportunity and collaboratively build the solution," shared Risk Consulting Managing Partner Steve Strammello (Indianapolis). "This allows us to be on the cutting edge of industry-focused solutions. Our clients provided resounding feedback that the time they spent at the Summit was extremely valuable and are anxious to continue to participate."