Corporate Transformation

Businesses go through constant challenges in this dynamic and ever changing world. Besides mega world events such as internet technology, financial crisis and recent Covid 19 which impacts almost all the businesses, ongoing challenges such as new competitions, falling margins, rising costs and liquidity crunch etc require an agile process of identifying, reviewing, making choices and implementing new course on actions. .  Those who recognize and transform stand a better chance of not only survival but exceling under such circumstance. Every agile executive management team or owner is keen to  find the solutions but are often hindered with immersion into daily fire fighting or its own bias based on own, often useful, experiences and knowledges. Even if right venues for change or improvements are identified, majority do not succeed in implementation, mainly due to existing processes/resources-which often are the causes of problem- and a general lack of aversion to change.

Under such circumstances an independent professional support is needed to steer the business through this transformation. The main objective of  a dedicated division of Corporate Transformation Division by Crowe/Mak is to provide hands on support to its cleints from Advisory to Execution in the following areas of transformation:

  • Define, Document, Review and realign  business objectives and  strategy under the new economic/digital landscape and scenario.
  • Review the contributions from Product portfolio, production units etc. What’s contributing and what’s not.
  • Identify, prioritize and Remove the ‘Pain” areas.
  • Recalibration of capital resource requirement both financial and human. Restructure the business or unit accordingly.
  • Recommending and implementing  custom tailored initiatives in the area of supply chain and processes -from Purchase to Payment-to achieve cost competitiveness through alternate sourcing and materials, and maximizing suppliers credit support.
  • Reviewing and managing  efficient capital utilization, particularly working capital through inventory management. Benchmarking with competitors/industry.
  • Instituting and manage adequate credit control process to ensure timely realization of cashflows-from Order to Cash, while supporting the business through maintaining good credit control.
  • identifying and arranging sustainable and cost-effective means of raising the finances and capital. Corporate, Off balance sheet, Trade and alternative finance.
  • Spinning off non core, stressed operations to raise cash, while recommending targets for acquisitions which offer attractive valuations and in line with core business.
  • Instituting and executing client custom-based systems in the following areas to deliver the results:
  • Business Continuity plans and Management
  • Performance measurement -KPIs -budgetory control

The division comprises corporate professionals with experience gained, globally and regionally   having practical expertise in the  strategy formulation and execution, Governance, Risk management, Capital structures/ funding and business  turn -arounds (restructuring)