Crowe UAE Certified AML Professional (CCAP)

Crowe UAE Certified AML Professional (CCAP)

This course is a comprehensive and industry-specific program that aims to empower compliance practitioners with an in-depth understanding of anti-money laundering regulations and best practices, with a strong focus on their respective sectors. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to address the unique challenges and compliance requirements faced by professionals in various sectors, including exchange houses, the gold sector, insurance, real estate, and more.

Course Overview

Course Objectives:

  • Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing (ML/TF)
  • Method of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing
  • International AML Standards & Sanctions.
  • Sector-Specific AML Regulations
  • AML Compliance Program Development
  • Conducting Investigations

Targeted Audience:

  • AML Officers & Managers,
  • Regulatory Compliance in Banking Industry
  • Sanctions Compliance Officers & Managers
  • Customer Service, Account Opening, Front liners & Back-office staff in the Banking Industry, Insurance & Reinsurance Companies, Brokerage Firms, Leasing and Microfinance Companies, Lending Firms, Exchange Houses, and Money Services Businesses.               
  • Workers at Supervisory Authorities (i.e., Central Banks, Financial Intelligence Units, Ministries, and Government Bodies),
  • Tax Consultants & Lawyers,
  • Workers at (Compliance & AML) solution vendors,
  • College business graduates.