Certificate In Compliance Manager- CCM

Certificate In Compliance Manager- CCM

This program will gives employees of official supervisory bodies of the banking and financial sector the knowledge they need to better understand the Compliance and AML business, helping them build better audit programs and supervision practices.

Course Objectives:

  • Gain Comprehensive Knowledge
  • Develop your AML and Compliance systems.
  • Practical Information Based on the "Know-How" Concept.
  • Keeping Up with Modern Developments and Technology
  • Money laundering in non-financial sectors
  • The International Framework of AML

Targeted Audience:

Working in the Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering field in the Banking Industry, Insurance & reinsurance companies, Brokerage firms, Leasing & Microfinance companies, Lending firms, Exchange houses and Money Service Businesses, Workers at Supervisory authorities (i.e Central Banks, Financial Intelligence units, Ministries, and government bodies others), Workers at (Compliance & AML) solution vendors.