Our legal advisory service is conceived as close and dynamic, providing fast and adequate answers to our clients’ needs. 

Our Professionals

The Legal Department of Crowe Andorra is considered as a Leading Firm amongst the most prestigious ones of the Principality of Andorra. Crowe Andorra’s evolution (since its beginnings as Alfa Capital) has been in parallel to the historical process of openness and economic transformation of Andorra. The Firm has held a leading role in the evolution of the Andorran Legal Advice, recurrently participating in both the long-term provision of legal orientation of natural persons and businesses of any nationalities and in the provision of legal advice in the public sector.

The essence of Crowe Andorra’s Legal department lays in the knowledge of the national and international markets (the latter due to the Crowe international alliance), the close relationship with the Client and our professionals’ specialization. These features allow us to advise businesses, natural persons and entities from the public sector in every legal area, offering comprehensive and tailored solutions to their legal needs. In order to reach this goal, we take into consideration both the context and the development of the Principality at every moment, especially in this time of openness and economic and legal transformation, thus providing a complete and comprehensive long-standing advice.

Crowe Andorra and the Legal Department exemplify a new generation of professionals, a different way of providing advice based in the specialization, transparency, proactivity, capacity to innovate, deepness in the legal analysis as a way to obtain the optimal results and excel in the provision of legal services, and in the full respect to the applicable ethical rules, trust and loyalty to our Clients.


Our Legal Department, with experience in sales and purchases of companies both at the national and international levels, and in all types of sectors, places us - together with the rest of the departments - as a pioneer Firm in the provision of professional services, in accordance with the transformation process incurred by the Principality of Andorra.

  • Due Diligence proceedings.
  • Acquisitions or sales of companies, entities and corporate groups of high complexity.
  • Advice to Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms in the taking of minority industrial participations of a financial nature.
  • Design and execution of corporate restructuring and reorganization proceedings.
  • Associative agreements and Joint Ventures.
  • Investment agreements and Shareholder agreements (with provisions on control mechanisms, assurances of investments, R&W, etc.).

Bussines and Regulatory Law (Corporate)

Our experience in the Principality of Andorra and the insight provided by Crowe International, as well as the specialized profiles of our professionals, place us as an avant-garde Firm in the private and recurrent advice of businesses in all areas of the commercial practice, providing comprehensive solutions to the legal needs of both the businesses and their shareholders and managers.

(i)        Corporate Contracts

  • General Corporate contracts (agency, supply, commission, etc.).
  • Planning, constitution and follow-up of companies and other associative entities.
  • Private equity companies
  • Agreements for family groups and companies, constitution and advice on Family Office matters.

(ii)      Company and Regulatory Law

  • Constitution, Bylaws amendments, dismantling and winding up of companies.
  • Capital increases or decreases and operations of structural capital modifications (mergers, divisions, segregations of activities, etc.).
  • Corporate bodies: Management Boards and shareholder meetings.
  • Relationships between shareholders – Shareholders’ Agreements.
  • Corporate government. Technical Secretaries and legal advice.


Financial and Banking Law

In line with the situation of transformation and openness of the Principality, the financial sector of Andorra is currently in a process of continuous and profound adaptation, both to the regulatory changes and to the new economic and commercial needs of the market. The legal advisors of Crowe Andorra take advantage of the experience of the Firm in the financial and banking industry to support this financial and banking transformation and restructuring.

(i)        Regulatory Financial Law

  • Authorization and constitution or establishment in Andorra and proceedings of amendment or activities enhancement of any kind of regulated entities (credit institutions, investment companies, collective investment institutions, etc.).
  • Acquisition, taking of participations and mergers, restructurings, divisions, dismantling and winding up of regulated entities.
  • Financial Corporate government.
  • Issues related to market abuse, capital markets and compensation or dismantling.
  • Proceedings of supervision and inspection in any kind of actions within the capital and loan markets.

(ii)      Corporate and Project Finance

  • Operations of corporate and project financing (public and private project finances), financing of assets, infrastructures, structured or syndicated financing, international purchase financing both from the perspective of the Lender and of the Accredited institutions. 
  • Advice to international banks and investment funds operating in the debt restructuring market and in the distressed debt market.
  • Operations of transfer of real estate assets in favor of investor entities or internal restructuring.

(iii)    Bank Restructuring                               

  • Purchases, taking of participations and mergers of private financial banking institutions.
  • Legal advice to entities subject to redemption and entities restructured, restructuring, division, dismantling and winding up of entities. 
 Private and Public Law, Real Estate, Regulatory and Labor Law

The Andorran economy is now open to the world. We receive foreign investments and, at the same time, Andorran companies become internationalized to stay competitive. This process of openness requires counting on the right legal advice in both the countries of origin and of destination of the investments.

  • Advice, design and execution of private asset operations.
  • Family protocols and succession agreements.
  • Asset management and planning.
  • Private contracts.
  • Public Law.
  • Immigration, active and passive residency.
  • Labor law and Social Security.
  • Advice to Public Administrations (preparation of draft legislation).
  • Real estate advice (highly complex transactions).
  • Litigation and Arbitration.

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