Expanding our global reach while reducing our carbon footprint

As we serve more and more clients around the world and work with member firms of the Crowe Global network, we’re committed to environmentally conscientious practices and decision-making in every element of our business. We’re also incorporating environmental accountability and thoughtfulness throughout our culture, business operations, and practices. 

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Our sustainable business practices 

We are increasing our recycling efforts

To advance our sustainability efforts, we engage with suppliers that prioritize environmental responsibility, too.

Through plastic and aluminum recycling, we give packaging from our office beverage service a second life. And we feed the earth with organic material composting.

Serving clients remotely is part of our day-to-day

We started using video chat applications years ago to help reduce travel time and resources. Now, we also use these tools to:

  • Reduce emissions from travel
  • Extend the life of infrastructure
  • Capture the information we need remotely
  • Be competitive in the marketplace

Our green team keeps us on track

In 2018, we formed a "green team" to brainstorm and implement social responsibility practices across the firm.

With nearly 20 members across all functions and levels at the firm, team members volunteer on top of their regular responsibilities to create an environmentally responsible culture.

Focused on saving natural resources and landfill space through recycling

Our paper recycling process saves both fuel and energy resources. Plus, we significantly decreased our overall paper use due to remote work during the pandemic.

Meet our executive champion

Melinda Haag

Melinda serves as environmental stewardship executive and global services managing director for Crowe. 

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